The Reclusive Blogger

I want my art to evoke the same feeling it does for me when I make it: Happiness!

Brittney Williams is a Los Angeles based music creator, photographer, writer, digital artist who created the art brand The Reclusive Blogger, which she also uses as her artistic moniker. Not one to shy away from being unique, different and authentically herself, her art is not often mainstream but is definitely sharp, well done and most importantly, fun.

She puts that same work ethic into event photography as well, realizing there can be certain restrictions. You will still find her unique mark in other ways.

Brittney’s music is available on every online platform, most notably Spotify, Apple Music & iTunes, Google Play Music, and CD Baby. Her Photographic editorial, fine art, and commercial work can be found on Shutterstock, Getty Images, iStockPhoto, The Mega Agency and Saatchi Art Online.

She is also a contributing writer for Huffington Post and The Famous Co. Although she tends to find inspiration in pretty much everything, her three biggest influences in her life have been, Bessie Coleman, Vincent Van Gogh, and Dan Smith of Bastille.

She has started work on a new project: her first book.

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