Kevin Lee & the Kings

When former MCA Records recording artist Kevin Lee teamed up with Midwest rock legends Michael Kurtz and Patti Predergrast, a supergroup of epic proportions was born. Along with mainstay Kings drummer, East Coast native Eric Strommer, the amazing combined history and musical journeys of these seasoned musicians makes for a sweat-soaked Who’s-Who of rock history from America’s Heartland.

The time is now for Kevin Lee & The Kings.

When MCA Records signed Kevin Lee in 1992, they knew what they were doing. They realized the rock star power of Kevin and his incredible gift for writing amazing hit-potential songs, as well as his commanding presence onstage. Kevin soon found himself on the road sharing the bill with Cheap Trick, REO Speedwagon, Matthew Sweet, and Pearl Jam.

And Kevin Lee is just as big a legend and as viable an artist as the bands he opened for, but without the price tag.

With six critically-acclaimed albums under his belt and another on the way, Kevin Lee, since the 80s, has been tearing up clubs from the Midwest and beyond with his original and highly-infectious brand of hard-hitting power-pop anthems and straight ahead in-your-face, high-voltage rock.

Today, the tightly-knit, no-frills Kevin Lee & The Kings storm through their nightly shows as if each and every one were their last chance to prove themselves worthy. These road-tested veterans deliver a blistering, fast-paced barrage of masterfully-penned Kevin Lee songs, as well as an occasional Tom
Petty, David Bowie, and Cheap Trick rocker for good measure.

Kevin Lee & The Kings leave their audiences begging for more. Their impressive live shows and Kevin’s energetic and timeless songs are the measure of quality, and the blueprint for how a great classic rock
concert can still be. This legendary group continues keeping that tradition alive today, delivering a fun, exciting, and high-octane show, the combined decades of experience and talent exploding from the stage and into the delighted eyes and ears of the audiences fortunate enough to experience their memorable performances.

Kevin Lee & The Kings were “Built to Burn,” and night after night, that is exactly what they do.

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