Billy Ray Deiz

For years I had been performing my original, Daddy’s Comin’ Home to great crowd reaction. But I never had a decent recording until I discovered producer Cliff Goldmacher and his Nashville team of hit makers. Cliff offers a service to songwriters like me to showcase our songs in the best possible light by recording with his stellar A-List Nashville crew, many of whom have been performing on hit records for years.

On this occasion, Cliff got one of the greatest guitar players in the world: George Marinelli, of the Bonnie Raitt Band, to play lead guitar! George came up with what I consider to be one of the finest guitar solos ever and it is on this recording!

Later we added backing vocals with Britt Savage of Star Search fame, and the song has been a mainstay and found a place on a couple of my EP releases, including the Mighty Girl EP. I love this song and it is fun to listen to and to dance to!

Hold on baby, your Daddy’s Comin’ Home!


Billy Ray Deiz

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