WikiTunes is here for you!

We provide a platform to help you expand exposure to your music, but we also want to make it easy for you to do so. There are a number of key pieces of information needed for us to create an effective presence for you on WikiTunes.

First, we’ll share what we ask you to provide. Then, we explain a little about each element. Finally, farther down the page, we ask you to enter this information and submit it to us at WikiTunes.

We create your page manually. It gives us an opportunity to shape your page in a compelling and enticing manner, based on the information you provide. We’ll notify you when it’s published and if any adjustments are needed, we’ll be happy to take care of it.

Below, we ask for the following information:

Section 1 – Artist Identity & Contact Information

  • Artist, Band, or Group Name
  • WikiTunes Page Name
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Phone
  • Key Image

Section 2 – Artist Narrative

  • Text file for your page
  • Free song you wish to share
  • Genre assignment

Section 3 – Promotional Information

  • Artist’s Fan Page URL
  • Facebook URL
  • Twitter URL
  • Instagram URL
  • Other links you wish to share

Details About This Data

Before you get ready to submit your data to WikiTunes (below), it would make sense to give you a bit more detail on some of these data elements:

WikiTunes Page Name

This can be your own name, your band’s name, or even the name of your song. Just know the link to your page will look like this:

By now, you’ve probably noticed our actual domain for WikiTunes is This is on purpose. automatically redirects to

We chose this domain as our base domain to increase the potential for people to find us when they search for “Free Music Downloads.” This further helps our Artists with exposure.

When you promote your WikiTunes page, you can use the shorter WikiTunes URL format, or the longer Free Music Downloads HQ version. They will both take the visitor to your page.

Contact Information

You can be confident we will NOT share your personal contact information. We simply would like to collect it so that we can reach out if necessary, in the course of setting up your page, or for future updates.

Key Image

You’ve seen the big image on the home page slider and in the Genre sections. This is your chance at an “attention-getter.” We need that image to be 800×455 pixels in high resolution. JPG formats are best, but we can easily use PNG as well.

If the image isn’t exactly 800×445, we will need to crop it carefully to fit our template. It’s best if you create EXACTLY what you want to use.

Text File Narrative for your Page

This is where you can express yourself any way you wish. Long form text. Short and to the point. Additional photos. YouTube and Vimeo embeds. It’s all fair game. You decide what you want to say, we’ll dance it up to create a beautiful page to get in front of new fans.

You can type it up right in the form below, but we really suggest you create the text elsewhere and copy/paste it in. That will likely be much easier for you.

Free Song to Share

The hook! By giving away one of your songs – free to stream and/or download from WikiTunes – you are introducing your art to someone who hasn’t yet discovered you. Hook them with a great tune; keep them with your body of work.

We are focusing on MP3 formats only at this time.

Promotional Information – Where to Follow You

Once you’ve hooked them, to use a fishing analogy, you want to “set” the hook! Give us all the ways new fans can find you, and we’ll add them accordingly. Your web site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, phone – you name it, we’ll publish it.

Artist Submission Details

Please enter your WikiTunes information below. Note that
* indicates required field. Thank you.

Section 1: Artist Identity & Contact Information

Acceptable file types: jpg, png, mp3.
Maximum file size: 32mb.

Section 2: Artist Narrative


Section 3: Promotional Information


Thank you for joining WikiTunes. We look forward to introducing many new fans to your music!

If you find you would like to follow up via email, please send your inquiries to:

Thank you!