About WikiTunes

Wiki is Hawaiian for “fast” or “quick.”
Each song has a story behind it. WikiTunes is a fast way for Artists to share free music and tell their stories. Music lovers can quickly discover Artists and genres new to them and enjoy free downloads from wonderfully creative individuals.

Here at WikiTunes, we are passionate about helping Artists – both new and more established – expand their exposure to more music fans. We have created a free-to-use platform for Artists to share a free song, tell their story, and drive new fans back to their own web sites.

We’re building a community of music makers and music lovers!

How it Works: Artists

Use our easy Artist Upload Page to upload the song you wish to give away, submit the story you want to tell, include a key picture of you, your band, or your song, and YouTube, Vimeo, or other links, and we’ll take it from there.

We’ll create a beautiful page for you with all the information needed to tell your story and introduce new fans to your work.

How it Works: Fans

When you visit, looking for free music downloads, you can browse by Genre, select by Artist name, search for key terms, and even choose random artists to enjoy.

We’re Live! (Sort of…)

Right now, you can see our initial template and are building it out as you watch. Artists are just starting to find us, so we expect to get all the placeholders filled soon. We want your feedback as we go, allowing  you (both Artists AND fans!) to help us evolve in a way that’s best for you.


We just added a way for you to subscribe and get occasional updates via email. We won’t bombard you – nor will we share your emails with anyone. We just want you to know when we’ve taken a big step in our development.

You can easily subscribe here, just with your email address.

Check back often. You’ll see many new features coming soon!

Thank you!